Day Student Winter Survival Tips


Winter in Halifax is its own particular brand of snowy, slushy, wind-chillish hell. Here are some tips for surviving the winter during your long commutes!

  1. Plan ahead! Check the weather the night before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning to plan your clothing and your travel plans accordingly. Check the radio! CBC Radio 1 is your friend! Good twitter accounts to follow are Halifax Transit (to keep updated on those snow plans!), CBC Halifax Traffic, Halifax Traffic, Halifax Police, hfxgov, and Dalhousie News.
  2. Allow extra time to get to school (especially when you have assignments to hand in!)–even walking takes longer in snow, let alone buses.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your bus’s snow plan route so you know how you can get home during a storm!! Check it out here. Check Halifax Transit’s twitter or call 311 to see if your bus is on snow plan.
  4. Sign up for Dal Alert so you can receive a text when campus is closed! There is NOTHING worse than getting to campus and finding out it’s closed!!! 200
  5. Scarves are honestly the best for keeping your face warm when it’s cold and windy! Pull em right over your nose!
  6. Always always ALWAYS keep an extra pair of socks in your backpack and/or your locker. Wet feet are sad feet. 😦
  7. Wear layers!! Leggings under jeans work really well if you don’t want to commit to long underwear. That way you can always take the jeans off when you get to campus if you feel a little tight.
  8. There is NO SHAME in wearing big, ugly, chunky winter boots. THEY WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. AND YOUR TOES. If you’re really concerned about your ~aesthetic~ keep a pair of other shoes in your locker or backpack.giphy
  9. Get some of those nifty ice grippers for when the sidewalks are literally death. They aren’t expensive and are totally worth it. You can get them at places like Canadian Tire, Wal-mart, and outdoor stores. Bring a plastic bag or something else to store them in when you’re inside (don’t wear them inside!!).
  10. Try to keep some data on your phone, in case you have to email a prof when you’re stuck in traffic to let them know you’ll be late. It’s also good for checking traffic, transit, and weather updates when you’re in the thick of it and/or when the power is out!

Good luck!!! And remember to follow us on Twitter, where we retweet a lot of traffic/transit/weather updates!