How to Get Formal Meal Tickets

Formal meal is a famous King’s tradition. Once a month, students, faculty, and staff don their academic robes and dine together in Prince Hall a la Hogwarts. Formal meal tickets are included for anyone with a meal plan, which means that day students who wish to attend formal meal are expected to pay for their own tickets. However, the DSS buys a number of tickets every month to distribute to day students.

Free formal meal tickets will be reserved for first year day students for two days, and are then made available to all day students. You can sign up for a ticket at the Alex Hall front desk–you need your B00 number (your student ID) to do so. There will always be Facebook posts about when ticket sign-up begins, and FYP announcements as well.

On the evening of formal meal, you can pick your ticket up from the Alex Hall front desk, and you can sign out an academic robe to borrow for the meal. You need your King’s student card, which will be kept at Alex Hall front desk until you return the robe after the meal is over.


September 13, Wednesday

October 4, Wednesday – Pop-Up Love Party

November 15, Wednesday

December – Christmas Brunch – TBA

January 16, Tuesday

February 27, Tuesday

March – N/A

April 4 – Big Night (TENTATIVE)