Previous Exec

The DSS is one of the oldest student organizations on campus–we’re even older than the KSU! Unfortunately we’ve been around so long that some of our records have been lost to the depths of time. Our current exec are going through the archaeological mission of recovering some of our long and prosperous history.



President: Cedric Blais

Financial Vice-President: Angela Capobianco

Communications Vice-President: Charlotte Sullivan

Member-at-Large: Kayleigh MacDonald

First Year Rep: Paris-Erin Osborne



President: Joy Shand

Financial Vice-President: Claire Burnard

Communications Vice-President: Fiona Westin

Member-at-Large: Libby Schofield

First Year Rep: Cedric Blais



President: Colleen Earle

Financial Vice-President: Claire Burnard

Communications Vice-President: James Pottie

Member-at-Large: Fiona Westin

First Year Rep: Libby Schofield



President: Quinn Harrington

Communications Vice-President: Kevin Brown

Financial Vice-President: Luke van Horne

Member-at-Large: Colleen Earle

First Year Rep: Madeline Higgins



President: Mohamed Hashem

Financial Vice-President: Asher Goldstein

Communications Vice-President: Evan McIntyre