The DSS is run by a group of dedicated day students who organize events, do all the paperwork and advertising, and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re interested in being an executive member in the future, watch out for the call for our yearly elections, which usually happen in March.

Executive Members 2017/2018:

President: Cédric Blais


What the President does: The President supervises and coordinates the activities of the DSS, working with other members of the executive to brainstorm, plan, and implement events and services for day students. They preside at meetings, delegate tasks, and facilitate relationships with other important bodies on campus including the King’s Students’ Union, the Dean of Students, and campus businesses (e.g., the Wardroom, the Galley, and the Bookstore).

Who the President is:

Cédric is the current President of the Day Students’ Society. He goes by he/him pronouns, and is undergoing his third year at King’s, in the Contemporary Studies program. He has been involved in the DSS since his first year at King’s, when he accidentally became First Year representative, and then accidentally became President for his second year, before intentionally running a successful re-election campaign for the current year. This is his first fully non-accidental mandate for the DSS, and he’s thrilled about it.

Cédric’s first language is French, which is why he constantly struggles to enunciate words that are more than three syllables long and often gives up halfway through (unless the said word happens to be ‘teleological’ or something like that, he has an unhealthy love for obscure philosophical jargon). He was born in Montréal, but is Haligonian by adoption, as he has spent the last thirteen years of his life living in Halifax.

Since the start of his degree, Cédric has always been a Day Student, as have been many of his close friends. His two first mandates were accidental, but in no way unwanted; he is keenly aware of the challenges day students must face, both social and academic, and seeks to help students overcome these challenges in whatever way he (and the rest of the DSS) can. He’s always happy to talk about day student things, and would love to hear your questions, feedback, or just general ranting about Metro Transit.

He can usually be found in the Wardy, procrastinating.

Financial Vice-President (FVP): Charlotte Sullivan


What the FVP does: The FVP manages the DSS’s accounts, expenditures, and cash flow, draft budgets for each semester, and keep financial records.

Who the FVP is: 

Hi friends! I’m Charlotte. I am in my fourth and final year at King’s taking Combined Honours in International Development Studies and Political Science with a minor in Italian Studies, and intend on going to law school after my time here.

I am the DSS’ Financial Vice-President, and this is my second year on the DSS exec (I was Communications Vice-President in 2016-17). I lived in residence during my first year here after moving to Halifax from Summerside, Prince Edward Island, and have been a day student from my second year onward.

I am a lover of all things political (but especially student politics and social justice issues), Garrison Irish Red, travelling on a shoestring, genealogy, and copious amounts of Happy Hour sushi from Wasabi House. I can usually be found running around campus from one commitment to the next, looking extremely disheveled. I love to chat, so feel free to come say hello if you have any questions about our finances or if you just want to talk. See you around!

Communications Vice-President (CVP): Libby Schofield


What the CVP does: The CVP manages the communication of the DSS, bridging the gap between the executive members and the public. They run all social media accounts of the DSS, advertise events, create posters, and manage the Society Handbook. They also take minutes at Executive and General Meetings.

Who the CVP is:

Hey I’m Libby! I’m in my fourth and final year at King’s, and my fourth and final year as a day student. I grew up outside of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia (home of weather aficionado Shubenacadie Sam and also lots of cows) but have lived in Halifax since coming to King’s and am now a self-described adopted Haligonian.

I’m completing my Combined Honours degree in Gender and Women’s Studies and English and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I’m passionate about feminism, Miss Vickie’s jalapeno chips, Halloween, breakfast, and trash talking Metro transit. I’m slowly overcoming my fear of Torontonians by dating one.

I’ve been on the DSS executive twice before–as First Year Rep in 2014-2015 and Member-at-Large in 2015-2016–and am the unofficial mom of the DSS. You can usually find me in the quad, the Wardy, the library, or the line up at Tim’s. Come say hi if you see me!

Internal Vice-President: Kayleigh MacDonald


What the IVP does: The IVP works to ensure that all executive members can and do perform their responsibilities and duties, and assists the President in tasks and duties as needed.

Who the IVP is:

My name is Kayleigh MacDonald. I’m a third year day student, native Haligonian, and proud RavenPuff. I’m majoring in European Studies with a minor in Theatre. Along with being the DSS Internal VP, I am also on the executives of the the Wordsmiths’s Society and King’s P.R.I.D.E. If you see me in the Wardy, say hello: I’m always down to chat about intersectionality, Medieval Europe and memes.

*finger guns*

First Year Representative: Paige Narvie

What the First Year Rep does: The First Year Rep represents all first year day students (FYDS) and ensures communication between FYDS and the executive. They also spearhead events for FYDS and make morning announcements pertaining DSS events and services at Foundation Year Programme lectures. The First Year Rep also assists the rest of executive with planning and organizing events.


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